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Take your games global with Andovar. We translate and localize video games for players around the world to create immersive experiences in over 80 languages. This includes translating scripts, localizing user interfaces, casting voice actors, recording voiceovers, and testing it all for each platform and device you serve.

Efficiency driving technology

Employing computer-aided translation, termbases, translation management systems, machine translation, and a range of testing and quality assurance tools, we always have the right tools to deliver high-quality gaming experiences in multiple languages.

Follow the sun management

Time zones are no obstacle. Our offices span the globe, covering Asia, Europe and the Americas. With personnel around the world, we’re available around the clock to manage projects, provide support and meet our clients’ varied needs.

Professional voiceover studios

Producing top-quality voiceovers in virtually any language takes a coordinated, global effort. We draw from a worldwide voice talent pool and record in our own professional studios or in carefully selected affiliate studios around the world.

Global translator network

Our huge network of passionate game translators has extensive experience localizing a variety of game genres, from action-adventure to strategy to massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Any language, any genre — our team is on it.

Our creative crew