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Localize in over 80 languages

Driven by a passion for gaming, our dedicated game translators excel in high-quality localization. When choosing translators for a project, we test them to ensure they are suited to work with the game’s genre and style.

Control terminology and style

Termbase software controls and standardizes each game’s terminology. Meanwhile, customized multilingual style guides pave the way for a consistent internal and external lexicon, writing style and tone.

Save money and time with translation technology

Employing sophisticated technologies, we quickly deliver coordinated game content in multiple languages. Translation memory ensures consistency across our translation teams, saving you money and time.

Translate at scale, get to market yesterday

Machine translation rapidly converts noncritical, high-volume content such as help guides and user-created text. With human editing and advanced terminology management, MT is a viable solution for in-game content too.

Globalized games marketing

Global games need global marketing efforts. We help transcreate, optimize, deliver and track campaigns in key target markets across all channels, including in-game marketing to drive in-game purchases.

Technical document localization

Games designed for global audiences often have international development teams too. Our technical experts can translate complex developer documentation and game engine support materials for developers around the globe.